Be 40% more effective: take a lunch break

Is taking a lunch break lost time and opportunity?  Having bites of your sandwich while you check your email and prepare for a meeting?  This should be so much more effective than taking a lunch break than it has become branded as the way to show management and colleagues you are dedicated, effective and super-performant.  But is it performant?

NOT taking a lunch breaks is costly – According to work done by The Human performance Institute and other well-known work performance organizations, NOT taking a lunch break costs you 40% of your afternoon (and evening) performance.

What works – The 20-minute lunch break that improves performance by 40% includes: eating a P&P lunch: protein-rich and produce-rich.  And walking outdoors in daylight  for at least 10 minutes.

Why does it work? Taking even a short, 20 minutes lunch break allows you to:

  • Step back and see the big picture – reassess your day’s priorities, so you focus on what counts
  • Get fresh air
  • Get natural daylight
  • Fuel your energy

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