Living a good enough life is precious

Ever seen a “perfect” product on a shelf?  Been on a “perfect” vacation?  Had a “perfect” job, every day?  Do you live in a “perfect” relationship?  Perfection doesn’t happen often, and when it does, it’s a fleeting moment, and it awes us.  So, why do we expect everyday perfection?  If everything was perfect, life would be… boring. No surprise; no learning; and everyone perfectly the same. Perfectly boring.

Perfection exists fleetingly; this is what makes it precious.  It’s such an extreme that it cannot exist more than fleetingly.  And the rest of the time, life is pretty good – not perfect, but good, and good enough.  Life is not about extremes, most of the time – we’d be exhausted if it was!  Happiness is about feeling content and at peace.  Perfection?  It’s become too often a way of feeling that we are not good enough, that we re not entitled to be happy unless we are perfect.  We never are enough or have enough.  And it’s exhausting to look at life this way.

If you didn’t have to strive for perfection, how would you live differently?  If you could relax and enjoy what you have, right now, how would that feel?  Imagine the lightness of feeling allowed to be just right.  Not perfect, just plenty good enough.  I am.  YOU are.  And it feels so right.

Looking for perfection adds stress and unnecessary pressure to life –  feeling guilty that we are not “good enough”, we are never allowed to rest and enjoy the moment, we can’t afford to relax and enjoy just what is.  Instead of slowing down and enjoying the evening, we measure life by the number of balls we can juggle: work, family, hobbies.

“Perfectly good” works. Today, aim to have a good enough day – and take time to enjoy what is – a precious imperfect moment of life.  Enjoy.


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