Good enough IS good enough

Is good enough, really good enough?  I meet so many people living at a frantic pace in the hope of doing more, being more, having more.  Sure, accomplishing is nice, but there is no end to it.  A full life is nice – but down time is good, too.  There will always be more things to do – whether dusting your house plants, refinishing furniture or writing one more email.

A day is 24 hours, no more, no less.  And hopefully, what you fit in IS what counts, plus time to refuel and to sleep.  Are you making time for what counts, or just going with the flow…?  Aiming for good enough allows you to put more time in your day, instead of doing one more thing before you go, checking typos one more time… or dusting one more houseplant.

So, when is good enough, really good enough?  Do you really have to have a perfect score?  A perfect diet that takes way too much time to plan; a perfect exercise program that you have no energy to do; a perfect email instead of addressing more important priorities…?  Good enough is often… enough!  If you aimed for good enough…

  1. You’d actually be able to do a good enough job at eating healthy more often, exercising a little more, sleeping a bit more, and so on – instead of aiming for a perfect plan that one day, maybe, you could fit in to an already overfull schedule.
  2. You’d have more time to enjoy evenings and weekends
  3. You’d have more time to play with your kids – instead of picking up toys or cleaning the kitchen to perfection
  4. You wouldn’t feel guilty that you are not doing enough – because you would be doing what it takes, and be good enough
  5. You’d get things DONE and over with. Woohoo!

Imagine… Having an end in sight to the demands of your day… Finally, you could relax into living a “good enough” life.  You could take time to enjoy life – knowing that what you did was good enough for the result you wanted.  Not perfect – but good enough.

Today, aim to be good enough, and plan your day for a good enough day – it will grow on you.


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