How to win the lottery – every day

Every single day, I win the lottery.  But most of the time, I forget I’ve won.  So here are a few reminders to myself.

I didn’t sleep outside last night; my bed is comfortable and plump, and my home is heated in winter, cooled in summer.  I sleep feeling safe, in my quiet neighbourhood, with no war nearby.  I am so lucky.

I went to bed on a full stomach, and I always have access to food, whether in my fridge, or in a nearby supermarket.  I have enough money to buy and eat pretty much anything I want, any day.  Incredible.

I have a choice of what clothes to wear this morning, and every day.  In fact, I have way too many clothes to be able to wear them all.  So they just sit in my closet.

I had a drink of water, right from the tap, and I always have plenty more water, hot and cold, to bathe, to wash my clothes, all with just the turn of a tap or the touch of a button.  In a heated bathroom, too…  Wow.

I have a car right outside to take me anywhere I want.  A recent model.  With a heater, AC, MP3, radio, heated leather seats – and a panoramic roof.  I remember when I was just pining for such a car, and now I drive it every day without even thinking how great it is.

I have access to the Internet, I have a very smart phone, and I can read and write.  Some might say I am incredibly wealthy, so I set today to remember to be grateful for having won the lottery of life and have all the things that make my life easy and comfortable.


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