Life is so much more than a deadline

Life is not designed as a ‘let’s get there as fast as we can so we can finally rest’.  Think about it – is your life a series of continuous deadlines, one blending into the next without ever enough time to come up for air?  Then you are living in the rush forward of deadline mode.  Taking breaks, letting yourself slow down instead of rushing through the next deadline is living.  Life is about being alive and feeling alive.
Your days are not the sum total of everything productive.  When you rush to get everything done, your days become a massive tangle of deadlines and unpalatable ‘should-do’.  Your life plate has become a pail, into which things are dropped, like garbage.  A life plate is not a garbage pail.
Life as a deadline is no fun.  Sitting and thinking of all the other things you should be doing is living life on deadline.  It’s about thinking that a deadline is more important than living this moment.

There is so much more to life than ‘getting there’.

Don’t fall for ‘things will slow down just after this next deadline’. they won’t.  You have to do the slowing down.  No one but you can take the lead and stop the race.  Allow yourself to slow down, to relax and have time for fun before the next deadline…
Let yourself have a luxurious day of farniente today.  Slowing down enough to feel truly bored, instead of busy and entertained.
Letting time slow down is the ultimate luxury in today’s fast world…



2 thoughts on “Life is so much more than a deadline

  1. Thanks Catherine! So well written. I easily fall into the trap of “life will slow down after this ___”. I am grateful for the reminder that life is not the sum total of productivity and life as a series of meeting deadlines is not really living!

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