Getting as good a life as a dog



Your dog has a better life than you do.  I’m pretty sure that your dog has a much better life than most people.  He is allowed to rest when he is tired; he doesn’t get another shot of caffeine to get through the day.  He eats a pretty healthy diet, otherwise he’d be sick.  You don’t let your dog indulge in sweets, beer or wine when he’s stressed out; you take him out to run, play and have fun.  Imagine your dog on your lifestyle for a day.


What about you?  What do you do when you feel tired – another shot of caffeine or a nap?  What do you do when you’re stressed?  Do you take yourself out to run, play and have fun – or keep plodding along, only to collapse in front of the TV?

Human life starts with pretty basic care.  When was the last time you took care of yourself?  With enough rest and sleep; healthy food daily; some play and fun time; more water than booze or coffee; and ‘petting’ time.  Simple.

Your life won’t get any better unless you start taking care of you.  You invest time in your dog’s health – because you love your dog (or because vet costs are steep). Invest time in the person who does it all in your life: YOU. You matter. Take care of yourself as well and as much as you care for your dog. Stop working yourself into the ground. Invest time in you. Take time to care for you.  Because you love yourself and because if you don’t do it, the costs on your life are steep.

Invest time in what matters: giving your dog a fancy haircut won’t make any difference on his mental or physical health; taking your dog for a walk and play will.

You matter: try making a small improvement today, instead of waiting for life to slow down (it won’t). Do something for YOU today. Invest in your mental and physical health. It matters more than getting through your to-do list – or a fancy haircut.

What do you need to take better care of you, today?


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