10 life reminders

I’m reading Gretchen Ruben ‘Happier at Home’, and while some of her book rubs me the wrong way (will I hug my kids because research tells me I’ll be happier?), some of it inspires me to be more creative about my life.

In her chapter ‘Interior Design’, which is about designing the life we want, a concept I love, she lists her own life ’10 commandments’ and it inspired me to think of mine.  Maybe more like life reminders than life commandments.  So I wrote my own 10 life reminders… I’m hoping sharing mine will inspire you to write yours, too…

  1. Be me – it’s okay to be me, just me
  2. Don’t rush – slow down
  3. Be light – lighten up, in every way
  4. See long, and see far
  5. Enjoy Now
  6. Show love – hug more
  7. Hold back words – think before, not after
  8. Focus on what truly matters
  9. Be more spontaneous
  10. Be aware that life is fleeting

What are yours?


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