Imagine Plus is….

Imagine Plus is a small “boutique” resilience-building organization based in Ottawa, Canada.  We provide personalized resilience, life and leadership coaching and group sessions in Canada and world-wide.  Because we keep it small, it allows us to provide you with highly personalized resilience coaching for you; and with focused, customized group sessions to build resilience in your team and in your organization.

Imagine Plus is about helping you create a harmonious personal and professional life that truly fits you, that inspires you.  My goal as the founder of Imagine Plus, is to provides you inspiration, structure and strategies to help you build and create a life that feels like you, in which you feel fulfilled, fuelled to move forward, and happy.

You have the power to create and live an amazing life.  Right now: not “one day”, not “when there is more time”: just a pretty amazing life, right now.

Living an amazing life is about making different choices.  You don’t have to be born with loads of money or unusual talent – all you need is to live aware that your choices carry consequences.  Large or small, your choices lead you into a specific direction.  Choosing fries over salad too often?  It won’t lead you to live in a body you are proud of.  Choosing to micro-manage your staff or your family?  You’ll be surrounded with people who let you pretend you have to do it all – and you will burn out.  Choosing not to make decisions?  Decisions will be made without you.  You’ll be sitting in the sidelines instead of taking the driver seat and leading your life.

LEAD your life – there is no dress rehearsal, and no second takes.  This is the only life you’ll ever get, so if not now, when?  There is no such thing as wishing without taking action – you can wish to win the lottery all you want, but it’s no closer to you than getting hit by lightning (which I don’t wish onto you!).  You need to become aware of the choices you make and where they lead you.  If you’re happy with your life and with the consequences of your choices, don’t change anything… but if you’re not, today seems like a pretty good day to do something about it…

Learn to make the choices that lead you to the life you want – right away.  Life is so much more than about enduring and making do.  It’s so much more than expecting that someday, everything will magically fall into place.  And whether it’s about you in your life, or you in your career, your team or your organization, you can learn to lead and build a stronger, more motivated, energized and resilient world, one choice at a time.

My goal is to share with you what I’ve learned over a lifetime of coaching people like you to create, plan and live the life of their dreams: living an amazing life, every single day.

Connect with me at:

LinkedIn: Catherine Morisset

Facebook: Catherine Morisset Coaching & Inspiration


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