Helping you build your life and your career

1. INDIVIDUAL COACHING SESSIONS:  One-on-one sessions allow us to plan and build strategies that are focused on YOU and on your needs.  All sessions focus on YOU: where you are in your life, in your career,  so you get faster results with a guidance directed exclusively at you. Individual coaching provides a more personal, intimate approach to important life issues than group coaching.

2. GROUP SESSIONS & WORKSHOPS: A group session allows you to learn from everyone and to develop new insights about what could work for YOU and for your group.  More interaction gives more sense to specific situations that people have in common.  Group sessions are great to inspire change, to motivate people to work together and to plan personal and group strategies that deliver results.  (For a list of group sessions, see next page).

BOTH GROUP AND INDIVIDUAL COACHING SESSIONS will help you prioritize better for what you want and need.  You learn to move forward and let go of what’s not working.  You learn to live well, a balanced life, with time for you, for your family, for rewarding work and for moving forward into your future.  You learn to build your future, one day at a time.

MY APPROACH – I like to keep things simple and action-based.  I use both science and common sense to give you the most.   I see you as a whole person: you are more than a career, a parent or a friend, so we deal with the multiple aspects of your life and make your life work for you, with simple changes that deliver.

Together, we connect YOUR big picture to YOUR reality – Through coaching or group sessions, we build your life from the top down, and from the bottom up – and most importantly, we connect your life’s big picture with how you prioritize and spend your time – so you get the best results, fast and long-lasting.

Contact Catherine by email at or by phone at 613-737-3428. Visit us on our website at


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